Custom viewmode shows in layout but prints blank

I can’t figure out why these custom view modes show in the layout detail but when I go print nothing gets printed the detail disappears when I print in these custom modes. Also no layers are locked and nothing is hidden. Printing to vector using Rhino pdf or any other pdf doesn’t cure the problem only printing to raster does and I need to go with vector.
I’ve attached one of the custom view modes that exhibits the problem.

RMRendered001.ini (13.5 KB)

Hi @stevebaer
Can you take a look at this and tell me why this ini and many of my custom ini modes do not print in vector.

Checking it…
Here, details are not blank but are wireframe when using this mode…
@3dsynergy - see if this ini works - it does here, and I think I have the settings as in yours.

Copy of Rendered_PG.ini (12.8 KB)


Hi @pascal
Why does yours work but mine prints only wireframe? I can’t find any difference in settings except you had shadows on but I turned that off and your mode still works? Also in a few srs back nothing printed not even wireframe. But this is a good start much obliged for your help I was just about to give up on this.

I do have another mode that doesn’t show up at all, not even wireframe. It’s a technical mode printed to vector.

RMTechnical_White_with_Shadows.ini (12.8 KB)

Thanks for your courteous and fast help,

Hi RM - were these modes originally created in V5 or V6 or V7? That is, are you using them in a later version of Rhino than created them?

Copy of Technical_PG.ini (12.9 KB)


Hi Pascal,

Yes from v5 and tweaked along the way. Any idea why these are not working?
Thanks for your examples, I’ll look at your settings more closely to see where mine are different.

Hi RM - I do not think the settings are different, there is something else going on when using old display mode. I think.

RH-66315 Display modes from older Rhino misbehave in Print.


Hi @pascal
Thanks Pascal really appreciate your help on this.