Pen view shows as wireframe in layout and when printing

Im trying to print in “pen display”, but it seems like only will be in wireframe. I’ll appreciate any ideas!

In parallell view things are just normal…

Hi Kristoffer-

Sorry for the delayed reply. Are you still having this issue or did you find a workaround?

Are you able to share this file on the forum? If not, could you please upload it privately via:

and reference so I can take a look?

Hei Kristoffer -

I had started to look into this but got sidetracked…
All technical display modes in Rhino 8 will now trigger a new process when exporting or printing that view to a vector format PDF file. There are still issues with this, such as objects becoming transparent and showing other objects through them. Additionally, the print preview isn’t quite 1:1 with the resulting PDF output. For now, have you tried printing this as Raster format instead of vector?

Thanks a lot for the reply! I worked it out somehow