Printing hatch problem

When I try to print in pdf with vector output, the printing shows black edges around all the hatches. How could I have hatches without edges in the vector output printing?

Could you share a printscreen?

prova 1.pdf (944.1 KB)

this is the result that i want

it works to me: just hide the curves layer that you used for hatching

i’ve printed as pdf and works.

i usually have a non printable layer for this kind of geometries
test print.pdf (1.5 KB)

that’s what i meant about non printable layers:

I’ve already hide the curves that i needed for hatching. And if i put the hatches in the no print layer, it actually doesn’t print. I just want to print this hatches in pdf with the vector output, but everything i try it doesn’t solve the problem

you need to put just de curves in the non printable layer, not the hatch.
a hatch doesn’t have a perimeter
printing.3dm (163.1 KB)

The red layer is non printable but the blue one yes

I’ve already cancelled che curves of the hatches, by thinking as you said, that the hatch doesn’t have perimeter, but when i try to print with the vector output (only in this case, but it’s what i need) the perimeter appear even if i’ve already cancelled the curves.

i’m not sure if it something with your file.

i’m running Rhino 7, 7.19.22180.09001 and printing with Rhino PDF vector output and it works. I’ve never had this issue and every week i send to my clients PDFs.

i’ve noticed now that it happens only with the solid hatch

i have rhino 6

i left Rh6 years ago… i cannot test it on any computer at the studio but i don’t remmember that issue (and i’ve been using rhino since v2)

could you share an example to try it on Rh7?