Solid Hatch Lines in Pdfs

I have a recurring problem with solid hatches when printing to pdf. The solid hatch in the pdf will triangulate and generates a bunch of curves to the drawing within the hatch boundary. Using a different pdf print driver did not help and changing the settings in adobe acrobat is not really a solution (the pdfs get sent to too many different people). I’ve heard of this problem before without resolution, but I was wondering if it had been investigated since.

I’m having the same issue in Rhino for Mac. When hatching solid in Rhino 6 and 7 WIP there are thin lines that show up in the hatch when exporting to PDF. I’ve attached an example below. The lines don’t show up until the boundary curve becomes irregular.

Hatch.pdf (16.4 KB)

I have the same problem, have you found a solution for it?

I never found a solution for this. It eventually resolved itself when I got a new computer. If you have Rhino 6, perhaps try using the Rhino PDF printer instead of Adobe PDF.

Yes, the Rhino PDF output should provide cleaner solid hatches.

I would recommend Running File->Export from the mac menu and selecting PDF as the export format. This uses Rhino’s built-in PDF writer which should not have the issues with hatches. I know this is not obvious and we would eventually like to replace the functionality in the actual print dialog.