Printing Glitch When In "Raytraced with Neon" Display Mode

Hello, I have been using rhino 5 for sculpture proposals for many years now. For the past 2-3 I’ve been printing images out of Rhino using the Raytraced with Neon display mode wth extremely good results. About 2 month ago, the Raytraced with Neon option just stopped working. I repaired the Neon program via the installer and when that didn’t work, removed and reinstalled neon to no avail. Upon doing some research on the web, I found out that after some updates, windows made some changes to the accessibility of Neon. I followed the instructions, and within minutes it was back up and I was able to use it again. It works just fine as a display mode, but for some reason, when I go to print an image now using the Neon display mode, it divides the print up into sections depending on the quality of print I choose. If I choose “Web” or “Low Quality” it prints normally. But when I choose “medium” or “high quality” it will divide the print up into 2-4 sections, almost like the 4 view ports except the views are not the viewport views. In the print, the left or upper left will always be the images I’m trying to print. The right, lower left, and lower right will usually be images of the extent of the view port I’m using, but there is a clear “window edge” that is visible that divides the 2 or 4 images. I’m using an nvidia quadro P1000 graphics card, and both it and my windows are up to date. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled Rhino 5 and it is up to date.

The issue doesn’t happen when I print from any other display mode nor when I render. When I transfer the files to my other computer and print images through the Neon Display Mode, they print just fine. I’ll post some images of the prints.

Does anybody have any suggestions on how to correct this?

Print with a gradient background