Layout Rendered Detail Print to Image Question

I have a question regarding the output for printing to image when details are showing rendered view. You can see in the attached images that I’m getting different output from the preview in Rhino. Is there a way to unify the preview look and the output?
• The first example image is the preview in the Rhino layout
• The second example image is the output to PNG

Hmmm- I am not seeing this here so far. I suspect it is video card related but that is just a guess. I would start by making sure the Rendered display mode is set to defaults… but I’d be surprised if this in itself fixes anything- what video card are you using?


I’ve checked my rendered display mode settings and they are on defaults. I’ve also checked on two workstations, one with two Nvidia Quadro FX 1700 cards, and one with a single Nvidia Quadro 4000 card. Both machines are showing this behavior (both running Windows 7, 64 bit).

Seth, I can’t reproduce here either. Using all defaults. Nvidia geforce gt530 at the moment.

Strange, I’m getting this behavior on my home computer as well, so that’s three machines all with this behavior. It’s not really a big deal because if I hide a viewport that was shaded correctly and reprint, another viewport will be shaded correctly and I can composite them in photoshop, it’s just more time consuming. You can see the issue in this test page. Lots of workarounds exist, it’s just weird. No one else gets this behavior?

Seth, can you upload a sample file? Something with just some simple shapes in it.
My first reaction to this test page is that you’ve got a light source that is causing that whole other side to be in shade.

Yes, here is a sample file.4Views.3dm (1.8 MB)

Please forgive the silly model. This is the output that I get in sequence:

  1. screenshot of layout, 4 details in rendered view

  2. screenshot of printscreen showing what should be an accurate preview of the output

  3. resulting PNG output

Interesting that the effect occurs in PNG but not PDF.

I think something might be corrupt with your file. I’m not sure yet. I can totally repeat your print to raster results on my machine with your file. I can’t figure out what is causing it. However, when I copy your model into my own new rhino file, I get different results. Mostly better, but still not perfect.
screen capture:

raster print

4Views-rw.3dm (1.2 MB)

Thanks for checking and confirming this. At least I know it’s not completely insular to the computers I touch.
I like using print to image (usually PNG) over print to PDF because of the quality control it provides when compositing drawings together, and so this weird rendering anomaly adds an additional layer of work. Such is life for now it seems.
Thanks all the same,