Printing an image from a viewport does not exactly match the viewport view

I am using Rhino with a point cloud of a site that I have scanned. I have real camera footage of the site. I am trying to match the view of the real camera to that of the Rhino camera. To do this, I adjust camera position, target, rotation, and focal length. To match the aspect ratio of the given real camera footage, I measure the pixel height and width of the real pictures and apply it to the viewing window in Rhino using -ViewportProperties. Now, when I go to print a Rhino view, the resulting .jpg does not match up perfectly with the Rhino viewport, even when I select the “viewport view” in the viewing options of the Print setup dialog box. ! In fact, Rhino zooms out a little bit. A big part of this process is matching the boundaries of the real camera footage to the boundaries of the Rhino view. How can I ensure that the print view is EXACTLY the same as the viewport view?

Hi Evan - does it work out if you poke this button in the Print dialog? (looks like it’s out of view in the message by default - click to see the entire image)