Issue with printing from a viewport

Hello everyone,
I’m having an issue with printing a perspective view from a viewport.
When I have a 4-viewport interface on one of my screens. I select the saved perspective view on one of those viewports and print .PNG with a specific resolution.
Then I make an additional (5-th) viewport, drag it to my other screen and maximize it. Print from it the same saved perspective view with the same print settings and resolution. The result is different: the object printed from the additional maximized viewport is larger on the sheet than that printed from one of the four smaller viewports.
Why is that? and how to ensure that the saved perspective view always prints same size regardless of which viewport I use? I must get consistent results.
Thank you very much for reviewing this.

To troubleshoot this issue, we will need:

  1. the 3dm file
  2. your print details
  3. your SystemInfo

If we can’t repeat it, we can’t fix it.

Please, see attached. Let me know if I need to supply any further info.
I was printing the saved “view1” from two different viewports, output scale was set to
“viewport” in both cases. Still, as you see I got different sizes of the printed object.

perspective print test.3dm (54.0 KB)

system info

Run the Rhino command SystemInfo and post the result.

Thank you for clarifying. I’m attaching .txt file with the requested info
system info.txt (2.7 KB)