Print to RhinoPDF includes external area

When printing to vector rhino pdf, often data beyond the extents is included in the export, but is simply masked out. Can rhino export pdfs without including this external data? Sometimes this extra data crashes rhino without me remembering that it’s trying to include heaps of vector data offscreen

Exported as RhinoPDF, opened in Illustrator, remove clipping mask, and I can see the levels which were off screen

Hi Jeremy -

Can you provide a simple 3dm sample that demonstrates this behavior?

I don’t see any crash reports from your eMail address. Does the crash reporter pop up when this happens? Can you reliably reproduce this crash?

i have posted same issue while ago. these are not even bugs just plain wrong behaviour. :frowning:

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Hi Wim,

Here you go.
It seems that it’s text and annotations which are retained. I put all geometry types in rhino, printed to pdf, then opened in illustrator, deleted the white backing, and the text/annotation can be seen off screen.

Printtopdftest.3dm (689.0 KB)

When I mean crashed, this is what I mean. I have a complex rhino file, and I tried to print some isolated contours and spot levels. Rhino didn’t complete the task, and I had to force quit. I did eventually get a print out, but it took ages, and the file was like 7mb. When I copied those same contours and spot levels to a new rhino instance, it worked super quickly. The file was like 600kb from that blank instance.

I cant replicate the exact situation right now.


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This problem seems to be a bit worse than previously expected.

When trying to print to RhinoPDF with a reasonably complex A1 sheet, it froze every time. However, if I copy the contents to a new file, import the saved views, and export using the same settings, it still works. I don’t know if this is due to files becoming cluttered and slow, or too many annotations rendered off the sheet, but one file freezes, and the clean one works


Hi Jeremy -

Thanks for the follow-up!
This is now on the list → RH-76577 Print: PDF export contains annotations off canvas

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@wim please make sure this is covered as well i believe its the same bug Impossible bug: PDF export objects beyond detail view, but hidden!

RH-76577 is fixed in the latest WIP

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