Impossible bug: PDF export objects beyond detail view, but hidden!

First i was confused why i see objects which were not in pdf after reimporting pdf to rhino. Then i checked the pdf and those objects are indeed in the PDF but somehow hidden.

BUT. They should not be there in the first place because the PDF comes from rhinos layout and those objects were not supposed to be in PDF at all because they are clipped by detail view!

These are such impossible bugs that i am losing faith in rhino.

PS: I would not even need to do this complicated and unclean worklof if only dwg export worked properly…

Highlighted objects are not supposed to be in PDF at all because they are clipped by detail view in layout.

I suspect some extremely lazy coding that instead of truly clipping the geometry outside detail view scope someone just put in underneath and painted it white so that it “looks” ok in PDF.

Interesting observation, but not very helpful at all from a troubleshooting point of view.

How about providing the usual details: Rhino Systeminfo, pdf generation details, example files, etc?

I cant upload it publicly. I will try to replicate it on sample file.

Untitled.3dm (175.4 KB)
Untitled.pdf (21.3 KB)
very simple.

the problem is when the object is block

McNeel please have a look at this before it disappears from the radar :slight_smile:

Hello- does the result change if you Print rather than Export? Note Export exports objects, not parts of objects.


this is when i print the layout to pdf. with rhinopdf driver. did nit test other. but i already found the problem. it happens with blocks. see the sample file.

This isn’t unique to Rhino. When exporting or printing to PDF a clipping region is specified and objects outside of the clipping region do not show up in the final output. This is used for PDF, SVG, and standard printed output.

What problem is this causing?

This is what I get using Bluebeam Revu Printer instead

When i want to import pdf into autocad or rhino so i get exactly what i have in layout to cad. There has been long topic how to actually export only layouts from rhino to dwg with 100% fidelity this was the only option proposed.

The problem is obvious that this approach is not usable because objects outside of clipping regions are imported as well.

so there are no other objects in the whole pdf unlike in my case?
that could be a solution for now using other driver which treats clipped objects differently…