Print > "Margins and Position" - Grayed out

Sometimes when printing, “Margins and Position” is disabled and grayed out, why is that ?

From what I can tell, it’s always grayed out when printing a layout as opposed to a modelling view.
When you use a layout, you have perfect control over where on the page things get printed so that should make sense… Or?

yea…it does make sense…Tnx !

This does NOT work. I am trying to print a 34x22 layout at half scale on my 17x11 printer and it does not center. It places it somewhere in the bottom left corner.

I found a solution. I have to change the print from a layout to a regular view. From there I can unselect “Centered”. Then when I go back to layout mode, it scales and centers my print correctly.

For those that follow…

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I had to deal with this again today and was really frustrated that I couldn’t unselect “Centered” I had to google my own solution. GRRRRR

Hi - I see that we have had this issue on the pile for a while - RH-15645
I’ve added your comment to that report.
Thanks for your input!

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Thanks, I have written about tha issue aswell, at least someone found a worakround, thanks for that! It has been almost impossible for a while to produce pdfs, i had to safe my drafts an let my collegues make the pdfs for me, which is kind of embarassing. Please fix that issue, it is May 2021 and it is still not resolved (I am using Rhino 6 on Windows)

Issues like this will certainly not be fixed for Rhino 6. Doesn’t look like it’s fixed yet for V7 either, it’s still listed as “Future” in the bugtracker.