Print > "Margins and Position" - Grayed out



Sometimes when printing, “Margins and Position” is disabled and grayed out, why is that ?


From what I can tell, it’s always grayed out when printing a layout as opposed to a modelling view.
When you use a layout, you have perfect control over where on the page things get printed so that should make sense… Or?


yea…it does make sense…Tnx !


This does NOT work. I am trying to print a 34x22 layout at half scale on my 17x11 printer and it does not center. It places it somewhere in the bottom left corner.


I found a solution. I have to change the print from a layout to a regular view. From there I can unselect “Centered”. Then when I go back to layout mode, it scales and centers my print correctly.

For those that follow…