Printing with layout having an unintended margin

I’m trying to print with a layout set by my teacher. As shown below, it does not have any margins and the squares are supposed to be in the corners.

However, when I print with the layout, a margin is clearly seen in the print preview and the final print file.

Update: Unlike the print preview, the actual file has no LEFT AND TOP margin but only has the RIGHT and BOTTOM margin

Hello - - You do not show the destination printer - is that PDF or an actual piece of paper? It looks like a paper printer and that dashed line margin is imposed by the printer. The printer cannot print to the very edges of the paper. Note the grayed out numbers in Margins and Position.


The destination printer is pdf… which makes it even more confusing as this means that rhino PDF has an implied margin???

Thank you so much for your help. I worked around it a bit by printing using the window option instead of layout but still would like to know why there’s a margin.

Hi - I’m not seeing that here:

Can you post an example file?

I run into same problem, where layout print window had disabled margin settings.My workaround is to print from viewport (top view for example), where i can set margings to zero (you do not need to print just close window). After that layout print window had same margine settings what is set from viewport print window. Not sure why margin should be restricted from layout print setup.

I’ll have a go at this suggestion. Thanks Raul!