PRINT MULTIPLE LAYOUTS @ 1:2 SCALE centering error

I’m sure this is a bug that needs fixing.

I’m trying to PRINT MULTIPLE LAYOUTS @ 1:2 SCALE. The layout is A1 at 1:1 scale, I want to print A3 (1:2scale) to proof before printing full size.

There’s a centering error when doing this. Because the center position is locked for the layout setting in [margins and position] theres no way to change the location in print multiple layouts. The centerpoint should stay set at the layouts center.

this is an example file Print Scale Error example.3dm (131.4 KB)

screen grabs from printing that file.
here if the print size is 1:1 as in the layout its correct (obviously)

but when scaling the layout it scales the centerpoint as well as the dimension of the layout.

I know that I can print 1:1 to PDF and then scale the PDF in a the PDF print dialogue. But that is not fixing the problem with rhino’s print dialogue.

I hope that’s clear enough

I not sure I see the problem.

When I choose all layouts and Extents (instead of layout), they seem to be centered at 50% scaling.

that’s good to know I can print all of them at once. though extents requires clean layouts which is normally the case.

I was wanting to print a selection of layouts scaled not all of them (e.g. 23-30). I normally work with quite a few layouts in my work files and it would be great to print only a number of them at a time.

It’s pretty clear from fooling with it that it is assumed Layouts will be printed at 100% so anchoring the lower left corner is reasonable.

I’ll see if the developer has a better way to print “half scale” layouts.


It would be handy