Prepare model to export from rhino to Cinema 4D

Hi :grinning:, I need to prepare a design done and rendered in rhino to Cinema 4D for animation and make render improvement. Which is the best file format to export to cinema 4D and get good results? Thanks.

How about this plug-in?

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Thank you Rodrigo, I was wondering if it is possible to export the file with one of the file formats that rhino 5.0 already include, is this possible? Which one would you recommend? STL, obj… any other?. Thanks again!

hi kiwi, generally you can use obj. if you just want to texture and render it there. if you have nurb objects and you are keen on keeping them then this is possible through iges format but only one way i believe but i am on a mac you may be able to do it both ways.

if you have anything with textures using trimmed picture frames and want to keep them exactly as they are then collada is the only format which reproduces the texture without distorting them. you may have to reload the textures but at least it works. “normal” textures of course can be done with obj. but somebody somewhere said using the lightwave format has some advantages for importing to cinema.

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Thanks a lot! Appreciate your help!

Another option that I have used in the past is .fbx as it the layer structure in Rhino get imported as object-nested objects in Cinema.