Has Rhino an output format for Cinema 4D?

I recently met a project in a freelancing web, where the employer wanted a pillow to be made with Cinema 4D by a freelancer. I worked with that software years ago but now I neither have the software on my system nor remember its techniques. Therefore I made the pillow with Rhino but don’t know, has Rhino an output format to be imported into Cinema 4D?

I haven’t used C4D for a few years, but having seen your previous models I presume it is pure geometry, so both
OBJ and FBX should do just fine.

You might want to play with the meshing first and even test out the quadremesher for the best possible geometry for further refinement in C4D.


yes obj and fbx is fine. i use obj but that is just because i got used to using this format, you may have to activate to flip some axes but you will figure that out easy. other than that there is some plugin called rhino io which sends the data to cinema in real time, that means you model it in rhino and it will update the scene in cinema, but for a one time job obj or fbx should do.

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Thank you, masters :slight_smile:

Your enlightening was very helpful, though I didn’t decide to accept the project, and also, I neither have C4D on my system nor am eager to go back to that.