Material Exchange Formats


I am looking for a possibility to export from Cinema4D to Rhino 5 (Win or Mac) with all the materials or textures. Can somebody recommend me an exchange file format?

What I wanna do:
Export model and textures from Cinema-> Rhino-> HTC Vive (with help of Iris Prospect Plugin)
I started to work with a HTC Vive VR Set-Up. To visualize my architectural models, which I created with Cinema 4D I am using the (realy coool!!!) Rhino Plug-In “Iris Prospect”, which works perfectly together with the HTC Vive.

What I already tried:
At first I was think in the collada file format, which exports materials. But Rhino doesn’t import collada.
Next step was .fbx and .obj but I am not able to export with those formats materials. Only the polygon model to Rhino.
My last idea was, to bake all the textures in Cinema4D to one big .jpg file and then to put this .jpg as a surface mapping to my Rhino polygonal model. It’s not working.

Does anybody of you guys have an idea how to optimize this material workflow from Cinema4D to Rhino to HTC Vive?

Hi @Benjamin_Burchardt,

if you export from cinema to *.obj format and no textures, colors or material properties are shown in Rhino, check if you have an *.mtl file in the same folder of the exported *.obj file. Usually this is required for Rhino to read in along with the obj. Also note that material assignments (textures etc) in Rhino are only visible in the Rendered Viewport display mode.

If you have an example *.obj file with associated *.mtl file which does not import properly into Rhino, i am sure the developers like to see it.