Cleanest way to export from Rhino5 to C4D?

Hi All,

Do somebody know the cleanest way(settings) to export a object from Rhino to Cinema 4d?

Shots plugin for C4D. It’s basically a live link. From memory it’s bi-directional too.

It’s distributed by the European VfR guys iirc. (Albeit poorly advertised). Hope this helps.

Did you happen to figure out a free way to import Rhino files into C4D?

A free process, albeit more cumbersome, is the old standard method of exporting meshes from Rhino in OBJ format, and nurbs models in IGES format. These are both natively supported by C4D.

I don’t think I have ever needed to import nurbs models into C4D, but I can vouch that meshes travel predictably, though I haven’t used C4D since version 10.

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Thank you

I usually mesh the objects manually and export as OBJ or 3DS.

Sometimes I just extractrendermesh and export that.

Note that if you name multiple objects the same in Rhino then they will come in as one object in C4D

I’ve just been trying to import named objects into C4D and it always throws up an error message - frustrating!

can you screen cap the error message and post it?