Possible to rotate isometric view?

Would there be anyway to rotate where the isometric view is facing? For example, if I have a cube in isometric view, I would see 3 faces but I would like to only see 2 faces. The top and front.

I know I can easily rotate the objects to achieve this but I’m trying to avoid touching the actual model as much as possible.


You can rotate the viewport after setting it to Isometric, the same as rotating the viewport in a perspective viewport… That does not alter the geometry, only the camera/viewing position.

You use the Isometric command to set a viewport to Isometric with custom view point. Start the Isometric command, and then click on the desired view point. The view will be from the view point to the origin.

If you have specifically set your view to isometric - by using the _Isometric command and you are in one of the command-line specified views (i.e. SE, NW, etc.) you can do the following:

Run the _RotateView command, set the angle to 45°
Click the Right or Left command line option.

You will now have a view that sees only the top and one side of the cube. This only works when the view is set to isometric, as isometric is a parallel projection view.

If you are just referring to looking at an object in the Perspective viewport with a perspective projection, you can simply rotate the view with the right mouse button until you see what you want.

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Is it correct that in Rhino 7 you can rotate with a right click and in Rhino 8 you can only rotate with Ctrl + Shift. Why has this changed? This is very annoying.

I can rotate a perspective or an isometric view by holding the right mouse button and moving the mouse in both Rhino 7 and Rhino 8.

Check that in Options > View > Always pan parallel views is unchecked.

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