Isometric views at specific angles

I’m trying to view my model in a 30/60 isometric view. Is there a way to do this in Rhino using the Set View?

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one way to do that is to make a plane, rotate it with the gumbal by clicking on the rotation ribbons and set to 30 then 60 manually then use OrientCameraToSrf and switch to parallel view or switch to parallel view before as you wish. you can also store that view as 30/60 under named views and restore it from there each time you need it.

Thanks! I think that’s what I’m looking for!

i must admit i am not sure if its precise enough you have to try if its sufficient or reset it accordingly.
if its just for optics its the best guess without changing the real geometry.

another helpful way may also be to switch to split view to see all views then click on the parallel perspective viewport and activate the camera command and press toggle it will switch on the camera widget on all other viewports for this view you can do the same by clicking on the flat views but that might not bring much.

then you can rotate the angle of the camera exactly as you wish while seeing on the parallel view how it reacts