Possible to be part of several team in cloud Zoo

I work for a company which is splitted in two working teams. We have chosen to use the team license system in the cloud Zoo to manage our Rhino 6 licenses.
In the team 1 there are 5 licenses for 7 part-time users, in the team 2 there are 2 licenses for 3 users. I am admin of both team so I have to be part of them both.
Unfortunately, I can’t be sure to pick a license in the right team, so I may be blocking another user in the Team 1 whereas I have a free license in the team 2.
Is there a way to set a team as “use/unused” while being admin of this team ?
Many thanks for your advice.

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Hi @BaptisteC,

You can force Rhino to let you choose which team you want to get a license from. To do this:

  1. Go to Tools -> Options -> Advanced
  2. Set Rhino.LicenseSettings.ManualEntitySelection to true.
  3. In Rhino’s command prompt, run the Logout command. This will close Rhino.
  4. Open Rhino again. Upon logging in, you will be prompted to choose a team. Rhino on that computer will now always get a license from that team.

Hi @aj1,
Thank you for this answer.
Actually, I can’t be sure it solved my problem, because that advanced option was already set to false and when I logged out and logged in again, it didn’t not ask for any team but only a rhino account.
When I try to check my licenses attribution on the rhino account site, I always get an error with that picture :image
In Rhino, I see that my mail address is correct, but it doesn’t mention the team, and as long as my mail address is registered in two different teams, I don’t know where my license come from.

Rhino accounts does not allow an individual email address to be used in different accounts.
Your email can be in multiple Cloud Zoo Teams.
When you login to your Rhino account, by default licenses are used from your Personal list first, then then from Teams you belong to second.

The Advanced setting change listed above adds a second step after logging in, to manually select which Team to take a license from.

Hi @John_Brock,
Ok, I understand how it’s supposed to work. The fact is that it’s not what I experienced because I haven’t been asked for a team to use.

Did you change the Advanced setting to True, so Manual selection is enabled, then logout and back in?
I have mine set to True because of all the bizarre testing scenarios I deal with.
This setting isn’t one that your typical user will ever need. That’s why it’s buried so deeply.

No I didn’t, as Andres said to set it to “False”. I should have tried both options…
Now it works.

Nevertheless, I still cannot access the licenses page of my rhino account to check which licenses are used, and in which team…
It’s probably a totally different subject, but maybe someone could tell me if it’s a general problem or if it’s only me…

Hi @aj1,
Can you edit your post by changing “False” to “True”, and I will check that thread as “Solved”.

We had some server issues early yesterday but everything has been working fine since.
Can you login to your account using this link?

My account connection is fine, it’s the license page which is not displaying. For few days, I get the sad Rhino image instead of the license manager tool.

I just looked, an you do not have a permanent V6 license in that account.
There are two expired V6 beta licenses.
Assuming you purchased a V6 license, I suspect you may have a second Rhino account under a different email address.
Click on the first option to see the email address on the Rhino account you’re logged into.
Is that possible? It seems likely to me.

Thank you for having a look @John_Brock,
Actually, I just changed my mail address and it’s the second time since I bought my rhino license.
I must confess that I’m a bit lost with all these changes and I don’t remember which address has been used at what time and in what purpose (rhino account, license purchasing, cloud zoo, discourse, …). It’s a bit confusing to me …

Changing email address is the problem.
We link your address to your Rhino account and to your license when you Validate it. It is our primary way of identification.

Please contact the regional Sales and Technical support. That’s probably Barcelona.
You can have multiple email addresses in your Rhino account, and you can choose which one is Primary.
They can look up your license key and figure out where you have it currently, change email addresses in our system and get you sorted out.

The way our system is designed, when you change your email address and don’t include us in that updating, you are a different person entirely.

@BaptisteC sorry for all the confusion this has caused. I meant to say “true”. I have edited my post :slight_smile: