Expanding Cloud Zoo - Team setup

Our team is growing (yay!) but I’ve been tasked with setting up license management. Previously, we were using a single seat of R8, , so I could work from the office or home. Currently, the license is listed as a “Personal License” under the company owner’s email.

We’ve now added another full-time member to the team, and will need to purchase another license shortly. I just wanted to check my thinking before diving in…

  1. Owner will need to shift the Personal License to a Team License, I think. Is there a guide on how to do that?
  2. Owner then sends me an invite to my work email, sets me up as an Admin
  3. When I want to use Rhino, I login with that work email, and all is the same as before.
  4. When we onboard the new designer, owner purchases another license and…adds it to the pool available to the team? Then invites new designer as a Member, they login to their own Rhino account, and they’re set to go…
  5. When we expand again, Owner just buys another license, invites the new member, rinse/repeat…

Do I have that roughly correct?

Yes, I think so, except as admin, I think you automatically have team member rights without having to be invited to the team… Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

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OK, so then I guess the only hurdle is how to get the current Personal license available to the team.

Edit: and then buying another license and adding that, heh.

That’s easy enough, the admin simply creates a team, deletes the license key from the personal area end enters it in the team area.