Cloud Zoo - Domain already claimed - Want to create a separate teamz

Another office in our company has already claimed ownership of our domain and created their own team with their own licenses. We have created our own team and uploaded some licenses and we’re hoping we can use them. When I sign in as a test user I see the following message. How can I get around this? Do I need to link my team in Rhino accounts to Azure using the same Azure Enterprise Application settings or will that break the initial Team that claimed the domain? I’m finding it a bit confusing, any help would be appreciated


The team ‘XXXX’ has claimed ownership of the domain ‘’ in Rhino Accounts.

Your account is related to ‘’. You need to either join the team ‘XXXX’ and give up any email addresses/linked accounts unrelated to ‘’, or decline joining the team and give up any ‘’ related email addresses/linked accounts.

Any ideas here?

Hi @david.quinn,

The domain can only be claimed once for functional reasons, and the other office must have shown reasonable proof that they have the authority to claim the domain in our system. My suggestion would be to talk to the other office to see what their perspective is on this and why they think they have the authority to claim the domain.

That said, even if you join their team (assuming you can login through the company’s login page), you can create your own separate team and add licenses to it independent of the domain-linked team. You will likely have to specify in Rhino what team you would like to fetch a license from, since presumably the other office also has licenses in their team. If this sounds doable, I can give you instructions on how to tell Rhino what team to get a license from.

Thanks for the prompt responses. There’s no issue with the other office claiming the domain, they were fine to do it. Ideally we’d pool all our licenses together but other reasons mean that’s not going to happen soon.

I can log in with my test user into Rhino Accounts via Azure so everything looks good. I’ve done what you suggested and added my own regions team and applied licenses but then if I join the XXXX team, and join the team I created ‘YYYY’ I’m finding that more often than not that I’m pulling one of the XXXX’s Team licenses.

I saw in another thread there is a command to force Rhino to prompt for which Team to join, is that what you’re referring to? Rhino.LicenseSettings.ManualEntitySelection to true

Ideally we want our staff to have as little prompting as possible so if I can force Rhino to use a specific team and apply that setting to multiple machines via a registry setting, GPO or something else then that sounds like it may help.

Thanks again

Here’s how you and your users can specify which Team to pull a license from:

  1. In Rhino for Windows, run the Options command ( Preferences in Mac Rhino)
  2. Select Advanced
  3. In the search filter, use " ManualEntitySelection "
  4. Change it to True
  5. Close Options/Preferences
  6. Type the Logout command
  7. Rhino will close
  8. Start Rhino and login
  9. You’ll see a new dialog asking you to choose your Personal or Cloud Zoo Team license

That’ll do it.

@david.quinn you’re welcome! @John_Brock has the answer to force Rhino to specify a team. It is technically a setting in Rhino’s settings file.

Thank you for that but I don’t see that option under ‘Advanced’, ‘Options’ in either Rhino 6 or 7. Any idea why that might be?

Hello, is there anyway to configure which Cloud Zoo Team a user pulls a license from via a Windows registry setting, rather than through the advanced options in Rhino? If it’s possible to do that then it would be of great help to us. Thanks!

Unfortunately not. If you have a way to deploy files to your users’ %ProgramData% folder then you can configure this setting at the machine level.

To clarify, there’s no way to specify the team in advance; you can only tell Rhino to ask the user to pick a team, instead of having it decide for them.