BUG: Bugus behavior when entering numeric values while drawing lines

since a while(maybe two SR) there is something odd going on with number being entered in the CL while drawing eg polylines.

see this example, I draw a line, set the origin, the enter the length in CL without pressing enter so I can dynamically set the line at the given length in the viewport, then when I click or enter to complete, often, not always though, the line will have a wrong length!! that is quite a critical bug imho, and seems something got broken there. I have been drawing like that since many years and it is not normal…


Hello - is the line in plane or is it the correct length (Length command) but out of plane?


i have “planar” on, and yes the line is in plane, but gets the wrong length.

It is hard to show without a video… I will try to make one, but I am too busy right now.

I think it might be related to smarttrack. It seems I can’t reproduce the error when its off.

Hello- thanks, I can repeat this with SmartTrack - if the cursor hits a smart guide thing, it overrides the length and goes to that location.




and its only with mouse click, enter actually works as far as I can tell.

thanks for confirming :+1:


I just installed V7 and the bug is not really gone.

when SMART TRACK is on, ORTHO disabled and I use a numeric line length input while drawing a polyline and hold SHIFT to constrain to axes the length is still overridden to the location of the mouse cursor.

please confirm :slight_smile:


Hi Daniel -

  • Click to set the start point type in 12 and no Enter the preview is constrained to 12 units. If you hit Enter, the line will be drawn at 12 units in the direction of the cursor - if you click, the cursor location is used.

  • Click to set the start point type in 12 with Enter and not tracking on any constraint - the preview is constrained to 12 units and the line holds that where ever you click. If you type 12 and Enter while on a constraint from SmartTrack, you get the line created there at 12 units.

Is that what you see?


not quite.

basically the numeric length constrain seems to work in all cases, except when Smart Track is on and I snap to an ortho suggestion of the Smart Track.(what I described in the last post with holding shift was actually the Smart Track ortho kicking in not the shift ortho…)

hope this makes sense, let me know!


i do not see this fixed in current v7 or in v6

still drawing any element (line, rectangle, etc) with smarttrack on and using numeric value to constrain length + holding shift for ortho, will pick the point clicked instead of staying constrained to the value entered in the CL.

Hello -
It seems that this unconstrained length happens if smart guides are enabled (default) and the cursor finds one of these guidelines lines and you click. If at this point you Enter, and not click, you get the constrained line… I’ll ask Mikko about that, it seems click ought to work.
@dk2079 I added some detail to the existing bug item, it may need its own, I’ll see what the developer says.

yes. thanks. your description is what i can see.

I have been using this style of drafting for a long time, using shift for ortho, and having smarttrack on plus using numeric values to enter length.

At some point, a while ago (year+) it broke with an update in Rhino 6, I believe.

I think entering a numeric value should constrain in all cases.

thanks for looking into it again.