Distance entering/mouse click bug after update

Just updated to 7.4.21040.13002 and found this bug.
Old behavior:
When drawing for example a line (also box, circle etc.) one has the option to enter a distance for the line. after the distance is typed the user can move the mouse to see where the line of that length ends up. Then a click of the mouse will draw the line (at specified length) and finish the command.

New Behavior:
Now when doing the same line drawing (box, circle, etc.) one must press PRESS ENTER after entering the length, otherwise a mouse click will change the length to something else determined by the mouse location.

This has really confused my muscle memory and workflow within the program, if this was an intentional change is there a way to turn it off?

Feel the same here. It is frustrating. Please fix it asap.

Just updated to 7.4.21047.11002 and this is still an issue.
Could this please be solved?

Hi all- this has been fixed - we’ll try to get the fix into the next 7.4 release candidate.


Hi Pascal, which rc are you referring to? I am on Rhino 7, 7.4.21054.09562, and it’s still there. Thanks,

Hi -
The fix for item RH-62774 went into the 7.5 version, which is not public yet.
The fix is also in the current public build of the Rhino 8 WIP.