Possible bug? Dimensions change when rotating object

just wanted to bring a possible bug to your attention -

when I rotate the drawing in the attached, the dimensions change (14mm to 10mm and 16mm to 12mm).

see before and after images.

running rhino (6.20.19302.15121, 29/10/2019) on windows 7 64bit.

all the best,


that’s because the dimensions can’t be rotated and change character (from vertical to horizontal or vice versa)

Thanks Gijs,

seems odd that some of them rotate fine, some become 0 values, and some make new random numbers!

not a big deal, but I was surprised this happened.


no they don’t. if you look carefully, you’ll see that some of the end points of the dimensions are not horizontally aligned or vertically aligned. So in case of a horizontal dimension, if their y-points are 10 units apart, when you rotate, this becomes the new value of the dimension

by the way, this only happens because the dimension is attached to the geometry. ‘free’ dimensions don’t do this.
edit: So if you do need to rotate without redrawing the dimensions, select the dimensions and run _HistoryPurge