Rotation Dimensions turn to 0,0

Hi everyone, encountered that dimensions would turn into 0,0 values ones the object is rotated. Is there a trick to know in v6. Thank you, Hannes

The trick is not to use regular horizontal and vertical dimensions since these will remember to measure horizontally / vertically.

If you use DimAligned instead, the dimension will remember to measure the distance regardless of rotation afterwards. Personally, I would like to see regular dimension becoming aligned dimensions on-the-fly after a rotation like that…

other option is to select both ( object and dimensions) before rotate.

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@wim So do I!! There is no reason to have it working like that. thanks for clarification.

@DiegoKrause works well. but not with grouped objects. There was a thread on dimension history and you can’t break it…Anyways. thanks for the tip!