2D dimensioning stability - WTF?

Bit of a rant, sorry:

So I started to submit a post today regarding dimensioning, as I was experiencing dimension value changing when I’d pton, move the dimension number - instead, I restarted Rhino, and the issue vanished…

I finalized a .pdf drawing for me to take to my shop on my tablet. Got all ready to build - only to find that SOME of the dimensions had scaled themselves, or gone through some kind of randomizer, Whatever it was, I couldn’t move forward with my work since I didn’t have a Rhino-able computer with me.

So I’m both pissed and embarrassed that this is happening at this stage. Perhaps I’m confused about layouts, but I kinda think that I’ve got enough experience (V1.1, most every day) to not have this kind of thing disrupting my workflow.

I’m just glad this drawing was for my own fabrication purposes, rather than for a vendor, as I’d only be embarrassed, and lost work.

  • Ernest

Rant away :smile:

but if you want something constructive out of this, you’d better send us a model…

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Ernest, did you figure out what happened? Sounds like a nightmare if it had been for a job. I’m curious to know what happened so I can avoid this issue myself :smile:

Hi Ernest- were the dims in Layout but dimensioning something in model space, something like that? Do you have a file you can send me?


I just sent you the file Pascal.

And I was dimensioning in layout space, objects that were in model space. It was a pretty disorganized model, so I would not be surprised if that played a role in wigging Rhino out.

@carvecream - what I learned (again) from this experience is to remember to review my drawings before firing them off!!!

I’m confident that Pascal et al. will be able to get to the bottom of the issue.


Do you have “Annotation Scaling” enabled in Document Properties : Annotation?