Possible bug?: dimensions and annotations are slow to display after view change

Is anyone else having issues with very slow display of dimensions and annotations when switching views? Going back and forth between any view ex: front, top, right, no annotations will display for almost 4 seconds, which is an eternity. I’ve noticed this for a while in v5 but I’ve just come to accept it until tonight. I had to go back and forth between a few views very rapidly to confirm something (using single viewport for this) and the dims would just…not…show up. I get the same problem on different machines with different video cards.

I was wondering if this was some kind of performance setting, maybe devs were giving preference to geometry display over annotation display for those first few seconds? If so I’d like to know how to make the dims show immediately.

sorry if this one mentioned already.

Sorry there has been no reply to your post. Does this happen on all models or only specific ones?

I’ve noticed this on all models.
There is a massive delay when switching views: dims don’t show up for several seconds, up to 5 seconds in some cases. I was just doing a test where I was rapidly switching back and forth between two named views, not seeing the dims, then decided to try window selecting where I knew the dims to be to see if they would select and show. They did show but then after 2 rounds of this Rhino crashed. Maybe this is a video card issue on my end. Not sure.

My best guess is a video problem. Make sure you have the latest drivers.

I would have thought so as well but for the fact that this happens on different machines with different video cards, and those machines are not having any other video related glitches at all.

If you can try to duplicate this on your end I would appreciate it. Best way I’ve found to test is to make a linear dim in top view that is easily seen in the viewport. Name that view 1. Go to a front view, repeat the process but name it view 2.
Now just toggle back and forth between the two with whichever method you prefer.
Do you see the dims immediately or is there a long/varied pause?

Thanks again for looking into this.

I cannot repeat this. maybe it is something special with what you are doing. How about you post a file, just in case I’m missing something.

here you go Margaret. laggydims.3dm (38.1 KB) Go to single viewport mode, then toggle back and forth between the named views 1 and 2.
Are you seeing the linear dim in each view immediately upon toggling?

Yes. I see it now. The big difference was using the named views. Thanks for your effort here.

Bug logged: http://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-27593

Phew! nice to know its not just happening to me.
Thanks for sticking with me on this one. :smile:

an extra tidbit: I’ve found I can make the dims visible by window selecting the area where I know the dims to be located. Sometimes the dims just wont show w/o doing this action.

Yes. I noticed this, too. Ctrl+A to select all makes them show up, too.