Dimension displays differently in two viewports?

Hi. Does anyone know what the problem is here ? Dimensions displayed in the right view are different to the one shown in perspective ? Also looks glitchy sometimes ?

Many Thanks

Are you sure those aren’t two different dimensions?
Dimensions are hidden when viewed from an edge.
If you rotate the Perspective view around farther towards the Right viewport angle, does the 250.00 dimension show up?

It would help to have the 3DM file.
This is another case where the image bu itself is of little use in troubleshooting

Hi. It’s the same dimension. You click on it in one window and it becomes active in the other Windows. Also if you dimension the 250 window it shows up as 350 ?

Could you please attach the file to a message here on Discourse? You can drag and drop or use the button with the up-arrow.

Hmmn. So I saved the file, restarted Rhino and it’s sorted itself out so must have been a glitch.

A bit worrying though as I only just caught it before I started cutting metal. Otherwise I would have wasted a day on the wrong measurements. Anyone else heard of this happening ?


StuntWheel.3dm (141.1 KB)

You can always use lLength command to double check, either Length on the command line or Analyze / Length from the menubar.


Yeah cheers. I used the dimension command which said it was 350 even though the aligned dimension said 250 ?

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these are not the same, when you say dimension, I assume Linear dimension, correct?

I am just suggesting the Length command to use if this happens again.

At least you got it sussed :smile:


Yeah was the same point to point, planar etc. Had a few guys look at it and no one could find a reason for it. Just going to make sure I double check before using any dims for a but😃

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Hi John.

Meant to reply to this.

It turns out it’s the graphics card on my macbook pro has known issues and this was one of them. !