Rhino 6 Dimension Bug?

Something is very slow when working with dimesions. My Norwegian Rhino distributor also has this problem. This is a problerm for me as an architecht. Is there a fix or will it be fixed. I´m still on R5 :frowning:https://global.discourse-cdn.com/mcneel/uploads/default/original/3X/4/1/41a116f9d6c1fba65328ecc73dd40518782aa90c.mp4

Hei Nicolay,
It’s hard to tell what you are showing here. You say that you are on RH5 but the video is titled RH6 (and doesn’t show the title bar that would allow us to check which version this actually is).
Note that there won’t be any fixes for RH5.

Hi wim
The clip is RH6SR4. I´m just saying I can´t use RH6 yet because of this problem…so I´m stuck with RH5 still.

@Nicolay_Nicolaysen -
Nicolay, As Wim said, it’s not clear what you’re reporting -
Certainly , selecting some dimensions and dragging them around with the gumball doesn’t normally cause what I see in you video.
If you post a file (the simpler the better) and describe what to do to see that problem, I’ll be happy to look at it.

Hello all -

@lowell Here is my take on the issue at hand with dimensions in RH5 vs RH6. I am currently running 6.4.18093.10341, 4/3/2018.

Dimensions in RH5 vs RH6

Hope this helps -


I´m sorry for my clumsy reporting but Kent_West is showing exactly what I´m talking about. And offcourse all other activities with dimentions are as slow as Kent shows.

there was similar behaviour when deleting geometry that was created using Make2d and blocks I think, it was kinda cool to watch though :smile:

Cool - that one is repeatable and now reported here:

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