Popup toolbar not coming up

Hi, having difficulty with the middle button setting and popup toolbar since upgrading to V5. It does work some times, for awhile and stop working again. Sometimes the mouse middle button brings up a magnifying glass with a + in the middle that does nothing. Any ideas where the prob could be? Many thanks.

I had a similar problem and it turned out to be a worn out mouse.
See if you can borrow a newer mouse and see if that solves it.
Mice are pretty inexpensive.

Thanks John,
Unfortunately in my case it does not seems to be the problem.

I was waiting for the situation again.

Yep, the day started well but again even with a different mouse, I am now getting that magnifying glass again. I have noticed, I get it anywhere I press on my desktop.

I is really bugging me, I find that popup panel a very good time saver to keep most current tools, close to the action.

Any tips for trouble shouting that would be great.


If you look under Rhino Options -> Mouse, you can set what action you want middle mouse button to preform. If that is set as you are expecting, then it is most likely a mouse / mouse driver issue.


It sounds like you are some how managing to start the Windows “Ease of Access Magnifier tool”. How you start and stop it is different depending on your version of Windows.

Sniff around a bit.

Thanks Guys,
Yes I found that Logitech app had the middle button set to Zoom function. Unassigned that button.

The popup panel is not coming up at all this morning. Not a common problem or easy solution. I think I will just have to leave with it.

Thanks all.

I have the middle mouse button for my Logitech mouse assigned to “middle mouse button” :smiley: Don’t you have that option? The other alternatives doesn’t necessarily work as you have discovered (zoom, auto scroll, universal scroll)…