Toolbar/popup problem


Since downloading an R7 trial I am having trouble with my popup.

I have a custom toolbar which includes a popup toolbar that I assign to my middle mouse button.

I have successfully opened the toolbar via the tools menu, and can dock it or float it on the screen, but when I assign it to my middle mouse button I get the following error:


Any help greatly appreciated, as this popup is central to my workflow!



In Rhino Options > Mouse, in the Middle mouse button section, change the “Popup this Toolbar” to default.Popup

Any better?

thanks for coming back to me John.

I’ve reloaded the default toolbars to get the default popup back, but it doesn’t help i’m afraid.


That’s not what I asked you to do.

Make this change this please:

Sorry John, I wasn’t clear.

Because only my custom toolbar .rui was loaded, I didn’t have the default.popup so I re opened the default toolbars to do as you said, but unfortunately it didn’t help.

my settings now look like this but it still doesn’t work.


That means either you do not have both toolbar collection files loaded, or your toolbar collection does not have that toolbar in it, or what you have typed in Options is misspelled.
The format is [collection.toolbar]

Yours has 2 dots instead of 1.

Thanks John,

that has helped me to get to the bottom of it.

Turns out the correct popup file is the one shown in the image:

Is there a turorial for this sort of thing? I would like to clean up my toolbar file if possible to avoid this kind of thing in the future.