Popover Osnap toolbar

I would like to have in rhino 6 a popover osnap toolbar or a toolbar with on / off buttons or active / inactive buttons.
A toolbar like this:

or popover like this:

Hi 3dr - do you mean a pop-up toolbar, under the cursor?


Yes! For example!

Hi 3dr - toolbars are not currently set up to show states,and I would say this is unlikely at best for V6, but I’ll add this to the list.




Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Maybe this osnap is more easy to made…
Only a float toolbar with permanents osnap.

As long as toolbars can’t show states, that wouldn’t make a difference.

But I’m not sure I totally understand the requirements of the wish. Do you need something to pop up under your cursor? Or does it help to just toggle the state of the OSnap panel?

If the latter, you could assign the following macro to a keyboard shortcut or command alias:

'_ShowOsnap _Toggle

I have a little screen and it occupy lot of space in my screen. I would like only a floating osnap toolbar like the last image. A custom tab on the screen of the permanent osnaps.

Did you try the macro, and if so, did it help?

The macro only show or hide osnap. My idea is a floating osnap where I see what is activated. This porpose don’t exist in rhino 7. :frowning: Would be very usefull a permanent osnap floating coupled in toolbar without use an extra space in the screen.

that is what I do…
it won’t show the state, but you could keep the osnap small and docked somewhere to do that.

It’s not what I’m looking for … The middle mouse button I use as pan.

Not news about it? :disappointed_relieved:

Yeah! I’ve seen this osnap toolbar is a reality in rhino 8!!! :partying_face: :tada: :partying_face:

I actually asked for the states of the osnaps to be a property many years ago as I wanted an osnap toolbar that would pop up under the mouse button location instead of its last screen location.
It would be great if McNeel tech would add this to the wishlist.

I made this script which one can assign to a hotkey I assigned it to F1 since I don’t need constant access to help files. If McNeel would add a property in Rhino script to add the states it would fulfill my wishes.

Here’s the Vbscript
myPopUp04.txt (2.2 KB)

To assign to Hotkey
-_readcommandfile C:\Your_RhinoLocation_here\myPopUp04.txt
Heres what mine looks like -_readcommandfile E:\rhino3d\RMData\myPopUp04.txt



I don’t know how install it! :unamused:

Rhino don’t recognize the spaces

Hi @3Dr
Sorry for the late reply.
I think you need to put your path in “c:\quotes if it has spaces” not quite sure I haven’t been in Rhino for a while.