Enhanced OSnap settings as dockable tab/panel?

Hi @Pascal,

Looking at the YT item regarding no room in the OSnap toolbar to add mesh-specific snaps and also few other discussions in the past, I thought it may be really useful to have the OSnap-related settings and Osnaps themselves consolidated into a separate panel that can be docked along with other tab-able panels.
This would allow more flexibility and also one place for a lot of Snap-related switches that are scattered around the UI right now (like SnapToLocked, SnapToMeshes etc. - there is a bunch more buried in Options) - we could also have all regular OSnaps in there…

I could come up with more detailed spec for that if there is interest and possibility to add this.



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Hi Jarek - just off hand, I am not wild about the idea of putting OSnaps themselves in a panel (I’d go nuts if these were not always visible and always in the same place) , but I can see the possibilities of controlling their behavior on the fly from a panel. Also - and I would not expect any near term action on any of this - conceivably, being able to set what snaps to show in the current osnaps toolbar thing, either in Options > Modeling aids, or in s new panel type thing.


Hi Pascal,

Obviously the idea for a tab was to have it in addition to the toolbar. Understand this is not urgent and will not happen soon; just looking at more additions in V6 in that area, new options and commands, thought at some point it may be a good way to consolidate these controls in one place.



I porposed the same!


@Jarek - Hi Jarek - to get back to this, I guess to be able to make a concrete YouTrack item, it would be useful to have a little more detail on how you envision this…