[V6] Osnap bar doesn't reappear

(6.3.18078.21401, 19.03.2018)

The Osnap toolbar still forgets that it should show up.

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When I check uncheck gridsnap, or maybe other buttons, it appears.
Have osnap default off, on with alt.

Same here, thought it was fixed already.

What do you mean by “on with alt”?

He means he has them disabled by default and enables them by pressing Alt… --Mitch

As @Helvetosaur said.
using Alt key to activate on demand.

I thought there is a cheat to hide/show the osnap bar.
Alt is know of course.

No one-key hotkey, but _ShowOsnap _Toggle is always possible on a keyboard combo or F key…

Strange, I never had this idea… it’s F4 now.
I was never needed, as Rhino remembered the status.
One day it will do so again, I’m sure.

Hi Charles, all - yep: https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-43515