Polylines and surfaces split tiny lines and line segments when exporting into DFX

Hi Everyone
I’ve been working on bowerbird in order to make waffles in grasshopper and come across an issue when exporting to DXF file for machining.

I have been putting together a gh definition (attached) based on a tutorial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H622kgtJ-tw)

The problem I have is that when I export the baked waffle to a dfx file for machining the lines or surfaces or curves get split into tiny line segments and or arcs.

This is only a problem when I use the grasshopper definition not when I use the Rhino Bowerbird BBwaffle.

I’ve added a join curves command after my make boundary surface command. It didn’t help.

I also tried changing my export to DXF into CAM Metric, that didn’t work.

I also tried export surfaces as solids. That didn’t help.

Any ideas or is my definition just wrong?

thank you!

bowerbirdwaffle.gh (9.1 KB)
waffle1.dwg (157.0 KB)

When exporting polylines from Rhino, you can choose the option to export to Autocad 2004 polyline instead of the default setting…

Thank you for HS

Amazing Rhino community where a Korean architect can answer a South African set designer living in Canada!!

Ill definitely use this export when sending to Auto cad in future. I usually check my files in Adobe Illustrator before I send to the CNC people.

But apparently, there is a join command that can be used in Auto cad. I just don’t know how tedious that is. Thanks for your reply.

Remember too that Bowebird uses a mesh as an input for waffling so curved surfaces get split into a triangular mesh if you just use the MeshBrep command for example. Sections cut through a mesh of lots of small triangular faces will give you lots of small lines rather than curves or arcs.

One of the DXF options lets you export all those little lines as polylines though as HS_Kim points out, but they will still be faceted when you look closely!