Poly Lines not visible

When I try to create any sort Poly Lines (ie. rectangles, lines, other geometry close or open) they are not visible unless I select them and once unselected they disappear again. I can sometimes see them in plan view but not always. I have Rhino 5 for Mac and when I checked for updates there were none. I checked elsewhere online for solutions to the issue and someone suggested to go to tools > options… > view > open GL > and un-check GPU Tessellation. Unfortunately when I go to my tools tab, there is pull down labeled “options…” Is there some other way for me to solve this issue?



Hi Ryan - are surfaces, polysurfaces, and meshes displaying correctly? What about curves (since you specifically mention polylines)?

Hello Wim,

I appreciate the response, fortunately everything is displaying correctly now and I do not know what I did to fix it. For others that are having problems similar to mine, I wish you luck and hope that the time of this bug is not too inconvenient in your life.