Is it possible to change the display size of curve control points

I don’t see a setting for this this in the rhino options display mode settings?
Any way to do it?

Rhino Options > View > Display Modes > [your mode] > Objects
On this page, control point settings are available, the last one being Control point size.

Wim thanks for the reply, but in V5 under display mode , objects their is a points section but it does not include control points only point objects and point cloud neither of which affect controll points.

Are you using v4 or am I going blind?

It’s exactly as @wim describes. Just click on Objects; don’t dig any deeper to the Points category - that’s too far.

The photo shows abnormally large control points, set to 16, when 2 is the default. I’m definitely changing these back ASAP! Ha!

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Thanks so much for that Doug I found It.