Point cloud display inside block

Hey there,

I just got a hold of Rhino 7 and am appreciating the changes. Great work :smiley:

I have a problem when putting a point cloud inside a block. When I first create the block (using the Block command), the point cloud that I put convert to a block displays correctly. When I use BlockEdit, and then close the block editor mode (whether or not I actually change anything inside the block), the point cloud now displays each point as black dots, not the previously coloured dots. The point cloud remains displayed as black dots whether viewed as a block containing the point cloud, or if I go into the block editor again, or if I explode the block.

The same situation occurs if I copy the block containing the point cloud from one file to another to replace an existing copy of the block - the existing block in the destination file displayed correctly, but when I paste it and choose to update the definition of the existing block, the new definition of the block shows the points as black instead of colored.

The problem seems to be independent of display mode (wireframe/shaded/rendered etc). This also seems to be an issue both in Rhino 6 and Rhino 7.

(For reference, I am bringing a scan of a new hull appendage for a ship up to another scan of the existing ship to check for fit etc, and want to bring some CAD entities (lines and curves) with the hull appendage).

Here are example images:

Imported scan data (from e57 file):

Converted to block:

During BlockEdit:

After close of BlockEdit:

Sorry if this is already covered somewhere - I searched, but could not find discussion of this.


Hi Iain - thanks, I’ll check this.

I see it …
RH-62019 BlockEdit: Point cloud cololrs removed