Block Display Issues

I am having some display issues with blocks in Rhino for windows. The geometry in the blocks is fine but it is being displayed with the shading inside-out (see images) or sometimes the shading is not in the correct place, like when the model is miles away from the origin, however the blocks are relatively close (within 70,000 mm). When editing the block with blockedit, the geometry is shaded correctly. Issues are with both rendered and shaded views (though I have not tested others). Going into the block and “refreshing shade” seems the temporarily correct its self for a shot period of time.

Any Ideas on how to correct this?

Block and Exploded Geometry:

In BlockEdit Mode:

In normal model mode:


Hi Tom - see if RefreshShade on these objects helps at all.


Hi Pascal, RefreshShade works but only temporary after about a minute it stops shading correctly again? Another slightly odd thing I have noticed is that if I Insert the blocks again they are inserted up side down, does the block base point have a direction associated with it?

Hi Tom - Insert pays attention to the current CPlane so you’ll need to watch that. I’m not sure about the display - can you export one of the blocks or send the linked file so I can try?


Yer as soon as I typed that I tested the insert on a right view, but it does seem to be inverted in which ever view it is inserted. I have attached the block that is causing the issue, some other blocks in the same file are fine others are like the problem one!

TomBlockTest.3dm (1.1 MB)

Hi Tom - if I Insert the four narrow windows are at the top - is that what is expected? The inside-out-edness is a puzzle…

I Exploded your block one level and RefreshShade all the frame parts, then Blocked them and then Blocked the result with the window panes block and so far this looks OK. In the attached I used ReplaceBlock to switch yours to my new one, called TestNew.

BlockTest_PG.3dm (1.1 MB)


Yer that is correct!

Thanks that works I have also found re-setting the blocks base point solved the issue! (I don’t know if that just forces a refresh shade anyway)

Thanks for the help!

Hello everybody

Got exactly same display issue in V6 and one moreover.
First one i can now solve, so take a closer look to my second issue.
Can not see (all) contours when blocked :confused:

Display Mode - Shaded :

Display Mode - Shaded - whole block selected

BockEdit Mode

BockEdit Mode - one surface selected

Thank you!
Looking forward to your answers and solutions


Hi - it is very hard to tell what’s going on just from those pictures. Could you please post the 3dm file?
Also, run the Rhino SystemInfo command and post the result in an answer in this thread.

Hello Wim
Thank you for fast reply! :slight_smile:

Here is the file: blocks_display_error.3dm (17.2 MB)

and here is the system info: SystemInfo.txt (2.0 KB)

Hi Petr - a couple of things to check - the main one is a check for updates - you have 6.8 and the current Rhino is 6.11, so get that updated first - Help menu > Check for updates. Second, the objects are quite far, not super far but nevertheless quite far from the origin - if the update does not fix things, see if moving the object to the origin does anything - that may at least help in finding the problem. ( Your block looks correct here, so far)


Hi @pascal
Everything works fine after rhino was updated
Thank you!