Possible bug with display mode of linked blocks with points?

having an issue where if my linked block has a point in it, it will only show as wireframe. If I go into the block and delete the point, it will show as shaded. If I go back in and add point… Wireframe.

I want to use points to register different parts together. In this case so that I can snap the brake to the windlass in the correct position and rotate it.

Hi Wyatt - I cannot repeat this here so far - is it the case with any block containing a point or just the one?


Yeah it works fine if I make a test model with just a box and a point. IDK … And just inserted another instance of the problem block and that one’s fine… So must be something flukey. Attached block anyway if you want to look.

brake for lewmar 69000419_V10_12_LH_GD.3dm (9.1 MB)