Bug: Blocks are displayed with Object color

Hi guys,

So, I have a following setup:

  1. Create a block, consisting of curves
  2. Inside the block assign all curves Default layer and display “By Parent”
  3. Assign Block to new Layer and display By Layer.

At the beginning it shows right color, but at some point I can see this block displayed with color from Default layer. When I click block - correct color is shown again. Very strange…

Can you please check this…
I can send a file to McNeel guys privately…

P.S. Checked with latest RC3 from today. Bug is still there…

Any movement here? Nobody has the same Bug?


Hi Dimitry - I’m checking this, thanks.
@Dmitriy - I guess I need an example - this behaves here s far but maybe I have not reached

yet. Please send to tech@mcneel.com, to my attention - and please let me know if there are operations, like BlockEdit that cause the problem.

Does the by Parent color assignment happen before making the block or via BlockEdit after an instance is in the model?



Hello @pascal

File is sent to you via a message.
You will see that BlockEdit is not used when strange behavior is happening.