Plugin update check

Does anybody have an example or tips for implementing an update check for my (food4rhino hosted) plugins?

@carlosperez - is this something you can help with?

If you run Command “TestPackageManager”
it will show you all the available RH/GH Plugin and also updates for the installed ones like this

@DavidLeon Can you help here? (although the YAK-food4Rhino integration is not ready yet)

some additional information:
i looked into YAK, but as far as i understand it, will not support packages with more than one plugin at once, although i can see quite complex plugins in there?
Right now i have a .msi file hosted on food4rhino, so i am thinking about something like an automatic monthly check on food4rhino for a new .msi file (higher version number)…
i am interested how other people implemented similar solutions…

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As per the latest guides there’s no longer a limitation on the number of plug-ins per package. The package manager doesn’t support msi installers though.