Packagemanager vs Food4Rhino, should they not be syncronized?

Hi guys, (@pascal)
I was going to install the Vectorize plugin and then an ImageVectorizer plugin also showed up, with very little info, so I went over to Food4Rhino to check it out, but I could not find it there:

I think these two platforms need to be syncronized to at least handle yak stuff, as the info we get out of the package manager is very limited. (no images, little data, no ratings etc)

IMO everything we find on packagemanager should be listed in food4Rhino, and the packagemanager should have a link to the corresponding page on food4Rhino so users can read more about it.


Thanks for the edit Wim, sometimes the topic autocompletes when I just type Rhino too fast.

That’s what we think as well. We’re planning the next version of F4R and one of the goals is to have a lot more integration between Rhino and F4R.