Yak connection with Food4Rhino


I have received this beautiful comment for plugin OpenNest.
Would it be possible to solve the connection issue between Food4Rhino and Yak @cecile @will ?

What I am confused by this comment, that in my computer everything works as intended, browser opens rhino and consequently opens the packager manager. And this user is only able to download yak file. Can it be he is using old and probably cracked rhino version?

I have temporarily added normal Food4Rhino version to download and install via libraries folder.
Do you recommend maybe to disconnect food4rhino and yak instead of using a link that opens rhino in order not to confuse users?

The comment from NikFromNYC:

Your April 3 download link is bad. 

Looking at the page source code shows a nonsense .yak file that Google comes up with nothing useful about and is generic in Windows.

I had to use the Rhino PackageManager command to install it from within Rhino. However, that installed it over the old installation, idiotically.

My god you programmers and especially in the McNeel world really do like to break things. It's the gamification of techinical software. There's always a solution but it's meant to fail and fail again, as users play the passive-aggression imposed game. This text box I'm typing into is puny in height, so must be dragged bigger every time I make an update. Nor can I post an image in a review, duh, that's how you post examples. 

...and the silliest bug in the world is still there, likely a limitation of OpenNest itself? Identical parts that should fit identically on minimal sheets are spread out over too many sheets:

Hi Petras,

I will try to contact NikFromNYC and see why this is failing on his computer.
I tested the Yak download here and everything went as expected: Browser asks me to open Rhino 7 and then Package Manager opens in Rhino 7 with opennest in search box.


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Thank you very much.
For me works as well very well.