Link to distribute plug-in with yak

Where do i find the link to hand out - after building my plug-in with yak? I would like to add it to Food4Rhino.


There aren’t any links as there’s no web UI for the package manager, though we are working on adapting Food4Rhino to make it possible to browse for available packages. From Rhino 7 onwards* users will be able to browse for your package and install it directly inside Rhino. You can try this out in the current Rhino WIP via the _PackageManager command.

*In Rhino 6 an early proof-of-concept of the UI is available via the _TestPackageManager command. It works, but functionality is limited.

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Hi @will,

Do these packages currently in Food4Rhino need to be packaged for yak or it will be a batch thing done in background?

@will consider uninstall also its bit tedious to browse files do delete some of them later :slight_smile:

Unknown at this stage, but more than likely I’ll ask developers to re-publish their own plug-ins for a few reasons:

  • Not everything currently on F4R will be suitable for distribution via the Package Manager. Some plug-ins have their own installers, for instance
  • I want developers to understand the packaging and publishing process so that they can update their own plug-ins in the future

Do this sound fair?


@D-W I know, it’s on the list (see RH-45493)! In the meantime, you still shouldn’t need to remove files by hand. Try the command line tool

C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\System\yak.exe uninstall <package>

(Replace “Rhino 6” with “Rhino WIP” if you’re using the WIP.)


is it possible to create a batch file which installs a package version :

This could then be my installer for food4rhino.


You could create an executable archive as well. If you know which file goes where.

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It’s definitely possible. Two things to watch out for…

  1. F4R might not allow you to upload .bat files
  2. You’ll need to call C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\System\yak.exe to install for Rhino 6 and C:\Program Files\Rhino WIP\System\yak.exe to install for Rhino WIP.
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Thanks Will, i converted the .bat file to .exe (with iexpress.exe) and uploaded to food4rhino - seems to work fine.

Thanks for your help,