Pls add a TSplines category! :)

The forum of Tsplines is actually moderated in an slow way. So you first have to wait days that your posts get finally online. If not it’s to late to actually figure out why because you are totally out of topic. This is why when getting your hands on TSplines you run into unsolvable issues as a newbie and gradually loose all interested in it’s modelling capabilities.

Maybe @tomfinnigan could kind of moderate this section. Would be very nice (since all other plugins have an category)

Thanks for your honest opinions on this!


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sharing some opinion, T-spline Category section should put links to useful tutorials like youtube videos, weekly tips, so it would drive people to explore the contents itself.

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I hate to say it, but the lack of support is a direct result of how their new owner handles this type of stuff…Matt and Tom are both still around, and you can reach them if you go digging through the AD directory…may be your best bet-

T-Spines being owned by McNeel’s competitor, so it would seem that what is good T-Splines is bad for Rhino.

not necessarily…they are continuing to do some small scale development, so we still get to play with their toys…it’s just their support is very lacking. This is not Matt or Tom’s fault, it’s just how AD handles things. How long this will last is anyone’s guess…

to be honest I am not entirely sure if T-spline will survive if things keep going like this, T-spline is considerably a new type of geometry, it needs marketing support and more tutorials accessible on many forum. otherwise people will loose interest.

AD normally put on their focus to their 2 biggest Money maker software, 3dsmax and Maya. and they have killed softimage back then, (forcing softimage user to migrate to Maya), if T-spline doesnt make good money, they will kill it as well.

I think their biggest software (most used in the world) is just plain old AutoCAD. --Mitch

good lord, I almost forgot the AUtocad, yes you are right Mr.Helvetosaur. anyway, what I mean is that when the software doesnt make money, even big company like AD will not hesitate to kill it. Ive seen alot of my comrades who uses softimage in the past had to move to Maya. (even AD website has a subforum for user to move softimage functionality to Maya).

the point is, doesnt matter if the software is immensely good (like softimage) if the amount of user isnt enough to support Dev team, it will eventually die.
to make T-spline more attractive to 3D artist, a good support from advanced user to share their knowledge to newbie is the key :smile: