Autodesk buy another Rhino Plug-ins, VSR. :-(

here you find the text I received via mail today:

The funny part it’s the statement where they said:
“Autodesk intends to continue offering for the existing VSR plugin for Rhino, and to make this product available for purchase exclusively via the Autodesk e-store.” Money are Money !!


This is good news for VSR. And also for Rhino as this shows that plugindevelopmen for Rhino can result in purchase by Autodesk. As long as Rhinousers can continue to use the plugins I would say that this is a win-win situation. Making plugins for Rhino and only sell to Rhino users is difficult if you want to make a lot of money.

The same thing happened with T-splines, and Autodesk has so far kept their word that they would not kill it off as a Rhino plug-in. I would expect the same with the VSR plug-in.


Does this not make people a little nervous about the LONG term future?

I can understand that being acquired by Autodesk would be good for VSR and T-Splines. But as a user, it concerns me. These plugins were bringing additional technology and tools to Rhino. Though Autodesk has claimed that plugins will continue (T-Splines is still available). But i wonder, how much of the technolgoy T-Spline and VSR teams will be able to add to Rhino plugins. I assume Autodesk’s main goal would be to incorporate these tools into their main products.

Yes, of course that’s the idea. They have already incorporated T-splines into their own product, but are continuing to develop it for Rhino as well. There is a T-splines 4 beta already out there. I believe the TS Element plug-in for SWX is still supported as well (although I could be mistaken about that).

This doesn’t make me nervous. If anything, this could dump funds into development that would otherwise never have been possible.


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In February of 2015 Autodesk will no longer allow anyone not current on maintenance to upgrade any Autodesk owned product. If your maintenance lapses you will have to pay full price again for any Autodesk application you didn’t stay current on.

Rhino has become a platform that’s used by software developers as a springboard to better things as well as a neutral way to show off technology without offending customers. An example of what I mean by this would be ModuleWorks who makes CAM software components and uses Rhino as a way to demo what their components can do. ModuleWorks has no interest in developing and selling any software that runs inside of Rhino. Rhino is simply a tool for ModuleWorks to use:

Jon Banquer
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It should concern you. It’s been a concern of mine for years as I watched what I thought would happen, happen.

You are correct that Autodesk main goal will be to incorporate these tools into their main products as they move all of their best and new technology to the cloud. One way to make continuous software rental appealing is to provide technologies that no one else provides in the cloud. That’s Autodesk’s goal not matter what anyone else tells you.

Jon Banquer
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Post edited by me due to unrespectful personal attach. Thanks for the polite response to this Jon.

Response edited by me due to removal of personal attack and wrong information about ModuleWorks.

It’s clear to me that the poster wants the best for Rhino. He and I disagree on the means to achieve that and have for a long time. In addition, I recognize that his opinion is shared by the majority of active Rhino users on this forum and my opinion isn’t.

Jon Banquer
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I agree that details are important, so please explain how you came to making a fact about this:
“ModuleWorks has no interest in developing and selling any software that runs inside of Rhino. Rhino is simply a tool for ModuleWorks to use”.

Here you can see that ModuleWorks has made a Rhino plugin:

I see that there is very little info on the web about this, and that your linkedin post where you wonder about this topic, is one of the few hits.

And then please explain how this is a bad thing. If ModuleWorks is a great technology then they will promote Rhino as a “platform of choice” to a broad audience, who then will associate Rhino with top tech.

ModuleWorks doesn’t sell CADCAM software. ModuleWorks sells CAM software components. ModuleWorks user Rhino strictly as a hosting tool to show other CADCAM developers and CADCAM users how ModuleWorks software components work.

Sales of ModuleWorks components don’t result in Rhino sales. ModuleWorks benefits by using Rhino but Rhino sales don’t benefit. In the case of ModuleWorks they are using Rhino as a hosting tool to their extreme advantage.

Hope this is now clear.

As far as my LinkedIn group is concerned, it now has over 950 members and is growing like crazy. It will see 1,0000 members by the end of 2013. In my opinion it’s the best and most diverse place to discuss CADCAM on the internet.

Jon Banquer
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Jon, repeating your thoughts over and over does not make them facts.
As long as you are not linking to any thing, or referring to anybody else than your self, then this is just a person stating something as a fact on the internet. And we all know that that is not trustworthy.

And I was not trying to be rude to your linkedin group, I was just stating that when I tried to look into the matter all I found was very little, and one of those few things were you wondering about this topic. So I ask you to prove your “facts”. That’s all.

I repeated what I said about ModuleWorks because you continue to misstate who and what ModuleWorks is. You also mistakenly think that ModuleWorks sales result in Rhino sales. They don’t. It’s a one way relationship where ModuleWorks uses Rhino as a way to show what their software components can do. I’m sure ModuleWorks also uses Rhino as a test bed for their numerous software components.

Here are some more facts:

It’s a fact that there are very few people now selling Rhino in the USA.

It’s a fact that Rhino’s user interface and formerly poor solid modeling (it may be better now, I’m out of touch as I use SpaceClaim) has caused it to be passed over by resellers of the market leading (not the best just the market leader) CAM product in the US and instead they sell SpaceClaim. This should have never happened!

I did find your comments rude and inaccurate in regards to CADCAM Technology Leaders group on LinkedIn. Granted it’s not a group for you or for that matter any fanboi but it has its place and it’s very successful. It will continue to grow very rapidly because it offers what paid advertising and company sponsored web forums don’t.

While my opinions are not mainstream and are not fanboi based, they have been proven right over many years when it comes to what Rhino’s problems were / are.

Jon Banquer
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Facing questions for proof with attacks on other topics is not a path you want to follow Jon.
If you can’t come up with any other “facts” than your own beliefs then I rest this case of nonsense.

I have presented facts and you refuse to deal with the reality of those facts and revert to personal attacks.

At this point the best I can hope for is that others see my factual points and recognize that serious mistakes have been made in the development of Rhino.

Those mistakes have caused Rhino to lose market share to other products like SpaceClaim.

Those mistakes have caused decent third party products to look elsewhere for revenue.

Those mistakes have caused some to move to products with better user interfaces and better solid modeling.

Jon Banquer
CADCAM Technology Leaders group on LinkedIn

This is the fourth time you just claim that something is a “fact” just because you say so Jon, so clearly you fail to find any information that support your conspiracy. Sad. So it turns out I was not so wrong in jumping to my guns.

I googled your name to find your LinkeIn group and I got much more information that I bargained for.
So unfortunately this is an end of discussion and future discussions with you Jon.

Peace and Love Jon.

Your post is yet another series of lame personal attacks that clearly violate the community guidelines.

Suggest you remove this post like you removed your last post that also contained personal attacks and violated the community guidelines.

Jon Banquer
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No this one stays Jon. You used up your three chances.

If this forum is moderated fairly your personal attacks will be removed because they violate the community guidelines.

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