Please don't hide the command "_RenderPasteConflictOption"

I need it from time to time and it’s cumbersome to type in the whole command. It’s an important command and should be available like every other command.


Hi Micha -
This is a test command, and, like all test commands, doesn’t autocomplete.
I suggest to either create an alias, keyboard shortcut, or toolbar button if you need this without typing it all.

Hi Wim,

why is it a test command? It has no “test” in the name. It is essential and very important for render work. User should easy find it and solve the problems that caused by the default disabled ask option.


What does this do ?

If you copy and paste an object from one Rhino task to an other, than there is a material conflict, if the material still exist. The command allow to set a default behavoir or that a conflict warning with options is shown. Per default the warning isn’t shown and the pasted material is renamed which cause trouble here.

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