Materials "Imported" BUG still present

I remember reporting this bug a while ago. It has to do with the same material imported over and over again instead of overwriting identicals.

and it goes like that up till 50…

Still present… Copy-Paste adds [imported] to the material name.

Instead of Keep Present, Replace or Keep Both

have you set

_RenderPasteConflictOption to _UseDialogToAsk?

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i see…

I was expecting something similar to Block Conflicts…

just to make sure, did it resolve your issue with render materials?

as in you want the same options as for RenderPasteConflictOption, or the other way around, that you get something like the Block dialog

FYI there is also

Ok, yes, materials with the same name but different settings will get Render Content Name Conflict window dialog when objects with materials assigned are copy-pasted from one Rhino instance to another.